Home Repairs & Roofing in Concord, VA

The J & B Roofing Difference

house-exterior-roofWith our services, you can trust that a professional, licensed, insured, and owner-operated company will handle all aspects of your roofing and home improvement repairs. We always make sure we provide our customers with superior workmanship and no job is finished until you are satisfied! At J & B Roofing & Home Improvement, we continue to be the only company around that can service you with personalized attention and relief knowing the jobs done right. We want to keep your home in good condition physically and financially.

No One Can Beat Our Quality

Many people think about improving their living space and attempt to spruce it up with what seemed to be simple home improvement. However, they quickly realize that home improvements can be trickier than anticipated and end up biting off more than they can chew. If you have found yourself in similar situations or feel that you can’t do the home improvements yourself, call J & B Roofing & Home Improvement. We pride ourselves on providing quality work at affordable prices so you can get the roofing and home improvements that you need done.

Services We Provide

new-roof-1The following is the list of services that we provide for your home improvement needs:

  • Superior roofing services
  • Roofing repairs
  • Shingle removal
  • New plywood
  • Shingle installation
  • Roofing installation
  • Work on all types of roofs
  • Tin Roofs
  • 3-Tab shingles

Contact Us Today

For over 36 years, J&B Roofing and Home Improvement have been serving the Concord area with honest, professional, and quality work. We know that we are your best option for your roofing and home improvement needs.

To better serve you, we are able to serve Concord and the surrounding areas in a 70-mile radius. You can call us today at 434-993-2503 and we’ll give you a free estimate for your roofing or home improvement project.